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La Spa De Rougé

The Journey Begins Here

La Spa De Rouge History

La Spa de Rouge was established on 1998 by Pier Morgan. La Spa De Rouge Was intended for hard working people who wanted a relax and recuperate the name La Spa De Rouge means “The Red Spa” and the name was chosen because of the passion the color embodies and it is the passion we have for the spa industry.

Pier Mogan was a hairstylist and beauty consultant for a top salon in new york. Pier Morgan college in 1975 where he briefly had a career in accounting, he soon found out that accounting was not his thing. pier Morgan always had an eye for the finer things in life which lead him to enroll in beaution school to become a hair style 3 years later. after 10 years he decided to go out on his own. 

 La Spa De Rouge is derive from the french culture and the passion they have for what they do. Our devotion to quality and service familiar to La Spa De Rouge continue to surpass our clients expectation from the moment you step in until the moment u leave.

During the growth of La Spa De Rouge we have indeed endured hardships due to the harsh economy, many people view the spa industry as a irrelevant of high maintenance as a result we had to come up with a brand of service that would distinguish us from the others and highly saute after by the new young market 

We Await Your Presence.